Smaller, faster and more agile than any previous models, the newest forklift in TCM’s range of order pickers offers an array of improved features to increase efficiency in warehouse operations.

TCM, a leader in the logistics industry, launched the TCM EOM 100 within its dealer network, including Carrylift Group, in March. The new truck has the ability to move 33% faster than previous models, with a normal speed of 9km/h and a higher mode of 12km/h.

Although the new model is 140mm narrower and 400mm shorter than previous models, TCM says the safety and comfort of drivers hasn’t been compromised.

“The new EOM is available with 1000 kg capacity and platform lift heights of 1200mm and 1800mm. This will allow efficient, safe and ergonomic picking up to 3400 mm.”

The compact nature of the new machine means it achieves optimum manoeuvrability in small, hard to reach places too.

Group sales director at Carrylift, Jason Jordan, is confident that the new truck will speed up warehouse operations significantly.

“Not only is the new TCM model smaller and faster, it has a host of safety aspects too.

“Features such as the low step in height and the pro-access side gates mean fatigue is reduced and driver productivity is increased. Walk beside buttons allow quick and safe travel to nearby locations without the need to get on and off the truck, which means less walking and more order picking.”

Jason continues: “Anyone looking for a smoother operation in their warehouse, especially leading up to seasonal periods, should consider the TCM EOM 100.”